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The Goddess and The Skylark: Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth
Presented by Rahkyt
Featuring the poetry and recitations of Nordette Adams and Aberjhani

Track 16
An Angel for New Orleans

Written and Performed By Aberjhani

O echoes of marching saints
drum loud your songs of healing.

The improvised wings
of your feathered blue notes and neon blood
spread wide now
like the sacred myth
and swaggering hips
of your heart pulsing reserves of strength
through traumatized veins.

Holy jazzmen of small mystic hours
blow ye furious the rainbow of hope.

French Quarter of elegant mystique, Monica Blache,
Canal Street, Gustave Brother to My Visions,
Super Dome battered humble,
Jerry Bolton and Mississippi and Alabama,
beloved kins-people of Nordette Adams,
abused children all of the wind-goddess Katrina,
from our souls to your spirits
a halo like a world to embrace your trembling.

Sons and daughters of the Christ fire burning,
burn a perfect peace precisely where you are.

O Tap-dance Kings of Better Days,
O Gospel Queens of Prophetic Ways,
Princes of Tears and Princesses of Prayers,
feel these weeping arms lifting your arms,
feel these raging hearts beating within your hearts,
welcome this hope-filled breath to increase your breath,
feel these determined legs carrying your legs.

Scent and shadow of a bitchs brew fade like lies rescinded.
Light of angelic eyes shine faith, speak compassion, bring love.

Copyright 2005 Aberjhani

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